Handbook of Mediterranean History (300-2020)

The “Handbook of Mediterranean History (300-2020)” aims to provide an introduction to, an overview of, and innovative perspectives on various themes, topics, and trends of research concerning the history of the Mediterranean. Largely historiographical in nature, the handbook will nevertheless draw on various disciplinary approaches to shed light on the region’s political, economic, cultural, and social contexts and developments. It will lay particular emphasis on Mediterranean communication and its impediments. The third volume is currently in preparation and is estimated to be published in 2024.

The project reflects the general philosophy of SIHMED to promote an integrated vision of the Mediterranean world by reflecting and fusing the width of approaches developed in different academic traditions and languages. To this end, each contribution will be co-authored by two specialists on different areas of the Mediterranean, thereby transcending the North-South dichotomy and euro-centric perspectives.

The chronological subdivision of the intended four volumes mirrors major changes of connectivity within the Mediterranean:

  1. The Constantinian transformation at the beginning of the fourth century;

  2. major critical changes in the Islamic world as well as in Byzantine Empire and in Latin Europe at the turn of the 11th century;

  3. the „Mediterraneanization“ of the Ottoman Empire and the new Mediterranean policy of the Habsburg Empire at the beginning of the 16th century;

  4. and the beginnings of European colonization of the southern Mediterranean rim in the 19th century.

The editors of Volume II (1000-1500) are Frédéric Bauden, Alexander Beihammer, Nikolas Jaspert and Roser Salicrú i Lluch. Volume III (1500-1830) will be edited by Maria Fusaro, Markus Koller and Silvia Marzagalli.

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