Past Activities

Sihmed’s activities

As a rule, Sihmed does not realize research projects by itself, but it is ready to counsel institutions of varying nature and collaborate in the organisation of projects and events. Below you find a list of principal events organised with the official partnership of Sihmed (on many other occasions, the help was rather discreet, but nevertheless significant):

  • "New Trends of Mediterranean History"; Tampere, 7-12/8/1997. The proceedings were published in 2001.
  • "Aspects et actualité du pouvoir maritime en Méditerranée du XIIe au XVIe siècle"; Naples, 29-30/10/1997, organised by the Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare Italiana.
  • "Célébration du VIIIe centénaire de la naissance d’Averroès"; Paris, 6/6/1998.
  • "IIè Rencontre Pélagique"; Santorin, 7-9/5/1999, organised by the Académie Navale de la Marine Hellenique.
  • "L’esclavage en Méditerranée à l’époque moderne"; Grasse, 30/4-1/6/2001, organised by the Centre de la Méditerranée moderne et contemporaine.
  • "Negotiations and transferts. Les intermédiaires dans l’échange et le rachat des captifs en Méditerranée (XVIe-XVIIe siècle)", Rome, January 2002, organised by Ecole Française de Rome and the Maison méditerranée des Sciences de l’Homme.
  • "Rapports diplomatiques et commerciaux dans la Méditerranée (XVIe-XVIIIe siècles"; Università di Salerno, 23-24/10/2002.
  • "La Libye dans l’histoire de la Méditerranée"; Rome, 10-13/5/2003, organised by l’IsIAO de Rome.
  • "Tradition juridico-maritime de la Mediterranée entre histoire et actualité"; Naples-Amalfi, 23-25/9/2004.
  • "La Méditerranée au XVIIIe siècles: identités et échanges"; Alghero, May 2005.
  • "1. Internationales Treffen der Mittelmeerinstitute", Bochum, 2-3/3/2011.
  • "2. Internationales Treffen der Mittelmeerinstitute", Nice, 30/6-2/7/2011.
  • “Legado y memoria de Tibor Wittman 1923-1972”; Szeged, 24-26/9/2012.
  • "Executive Council Meeting"; Bochum, 28/11/2013.
  • "General Meeting", Bochum, 29/11/2013.
  • "Executive Council Meeting"; Barcelona, 10/5/2014.
  • "Winter School: Mittelmeerstudien zwischen Theorie und Praxis", DHI Rom, 23-27/2/2015.
  • "Executive Council Meeting"; Heidelberg, 16/9/2015.
  • Workshop: "Fear of the Sea in the History of the Mediterranean"; Heidelberg, 14-15/7/2016. Programme